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THE REEL DEAL – 10 Things I’ve Learned.

May 9, 2014

I’m currently vying for a spot on Season 1 of  The Reel Deal, a cutting edge new reality show.

Below are 10 things that I’ve been reminded of on this journey –

1. Actors are Awesome!

Actors often get wrongly accused of being self-centered or egotistical. The group of 112, The Reel Deal finalists, are so generous and supportive of each other.  We went from being complete strangers to a passionate and inspiring community; sharing tips, articles, strategies and encouragement via Social Media.

2. I Love Working with Female Filmmakers!

When I produced my short film, Nothing Happened, I was so proud that it was a story about women, produced, written and directed by women.  In an industry that is still dominated by men, I love that The Reel Deal is led by 3 creative, inspiring women – Adryenn Ashley, Bonnie Gillespie and Tina Davis. Next up – I want to join the Femme Fatales in NYC.

3. Every Actor should take a turn being a Casting Director!

Watching everyone’s auditions and callbacks on YouTube was very enlightening and was an opportunity to be on the other side of the table. I realized how quickly I decided whether or not I liked an actor.  Watching the same monologue done by different actors also highlighted how bringing your own unique essence is essential.  There is definitely a level of subjectiveness too and I’m very intrigued to see if my favorite finalists are cast in Season 1.

4. Social Media is an Amazing Tool!

See #1.

5. My life will Unfold as it is Meant!

If I get cast on the The Reel Deal, I’m don’t know the who, the how, or the cost, of taking care of my son.  But I’m letting go worrying about the logistics and trusting that it will work it out somehow. One of my current mantras is “life can be wonderfully easy” – as I sometimes have a tendency to assume something will be difficult, when in fact it might not be!

6. The Future is Bright!

Adryenn Ashley, the producer of The Reel Deal, did a great podcast with Gabe Strom entitled “The Future of New Media.” There are lots of gems including the power of social media, podcasts and knowing your audience.

7. Always Trust My Initial Instincts!

After I saw Sarah j Eagen’s lovely personality audition for The Reel Deal, I thought maybe I should audition. Then doubts jumped in immediately and I came up with all sorts of excuses – I don’t do reality television, the deadline is in 4 days, you have no time etc. I’m so glad I didn’t listen!

The day The Reel Deal voting opened to the public, the LA Finalists were having a party. I immediately thought I should organize a NYC Finalist meet-up too, but then – it will be too much work, take too much time etc. (Assuming something is difficult see # 5) I’m so glad I ignored this negativity. The Meet-up took a whopping 10mins to organize and was awesome – actors chatting, connecting and getting “reel.”

8. Don’t Take Myself So Seriously!

One of my initial concerns about The Reel Deal was – Do I want to do Reality Television? (See #7.) Is it part of the brand I’m cultivating? One of my current goals is to go to Sundance in 2016 with a standout role in film premiering there. Would Robert Redford approve of The Reel Deal? I stopped worrying. This is a short film competition! I’m passionate about Indie film and have produced two shorts. The show also appeals to my adventurous side, the side that runs marathons and horse rides across deserts.  I would thrive in the craziness of survivor-like film challenges and the fantastic chaos that may (or may not) ensue shooting a short in such a tight amount of time.

9. People Will Surprise You!

I’m so grateful for all the support, friends, family and colleagues have shown me.  I was often wonderfully surprised by responses. People, who I didn’t expect, told me how much they loved my callback video or unexpectedly shared my link all over their networks without any prompting from me.

10. The Importance of Community!

The Reel Deal Finalists are spread out all over the US. Whether or not I’m cast in Season 1, I’m confident we will stay connected and future collaborations are inevitable.

The Reel Deal has been a great journey so far! I look forward to seeing how the ripples reverberate.

Public Voting ends on Thursday May 15th and the final cast is announced Thursday May 22nd.  Stay Tuned….

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  1. May 9, 2014 4:59 pm

    Sarah is killing it! 🙂 What a nice read. Love #5.

    • Sarah Louise Lilley permalink
      May 9, 2014 7:27 pm

      Thanks so much Shea!

  2. May 11, 2014 12:54 am

    Such a wonderful blog post! SOOOO TRUE!

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