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Retired Ensemble Members

Our fabulous Ensemble members who have contributed much, and earned their place as valued members of Green Room days gone by. While they are always welcome to check back in now and again, their days of regular posting have passed.

Read The Idealistic Actor’s Posts!

Truthfully, I never met a nacho or cup of coffee I didn’t like. Aside from being a member of SAG/AEA and AFTRA, I also count myself a groupie of Apple, Inc and am a devout follower of the San Diego Padres. With a background in marketing, advertising and making bad puns, I pride myself as a conglomerate of musicals, film, TV and useless knowledge (like naming the 50 US States alphabetically in under 30 seconds). To learn more about me and my crazy life, visit

Read The Debutante Actor’s Posts!

Kristen is a Philadelphia based actor, teaching artist, and writer. She has also been a caterer, a Hanna Montana impersonator, a Miller High Life girl, a model, a hostess, and chocolate tour guide. One day, she’ll look back on all that and laugh. For now, she’s gonna let you laugh at her instead!

Read The Rogue Artist’s Posts! 
Alexandra is a playwright/lyricist/director/producer/costume designer/press intern/“So You Think You Can Dance” enthusiast in New York City.  She is currently working on a new musical, At the Edge, with collaborator Mark Sanderlin.  Alexandra is also the Associate Producer for Frog & Peach Theatre Co. and works at O&M Co., one of New York’s leading Broadway press offices.  Present and previous affiliations include The New Victory Theater, Theater for the New City, Tada!, Where Eagles Dare, The Secret Theater, Theater Horizons, HERE Arts Center and The Anthropologists.  Alexandra’s theatre philosophy: Everything for the good of the show.

Read The Practical Artist’s Posts!

Moving to NYC with hopes of being a performer, I had no idea what the Theatre Industry had in store for me. While interning, I discovered a knack for “behind the scenes” and was granted the opportunity to ASM shows starring Julie Andrews & Mercedes Ruehl. I now relate to a creative side of Theatre that requires turning the director’s vision into something that can be accomplished in an artistic and practical way.  A produced Playwright, working Equity Stage Manager, and just beginning my venture as Artistic Director, I’m proud to be part of the Ensemble as the “Practical Artist.”

Read The Reflective Artist’s Posts!

I started blogging when I went off to grad school and found it a great way to reflect on what I was learning or not learning, and from that seeing what would be useful to me in the future or not useful.  I’m so happy to have the opportunity and excuse to continue examining my work and what surrounds it here in the Green Room. When not writing for this blog, or generally contemplating life and its choices, I may be found taking a yoga class, cooking, skulking at the Film Forum, devouring cheese, and watching other people’s cats.

Read The Restless Dramaturg’s Posts!

I first heard the word Dramaturgy as an undergraduate, two theatre degrees later, I found myself asking: What can I do now?  I can do research for productions; develop new scripts for production; ask the right questions. Who am I now? I am now a Dramaturg, literary manager, collaborator; “in-house critic;” and if nothing else, an extra set of eyes.  What do I do now?  Well…like every other theatre artist, I look for work.  And for my latest endeavor, I write blogs. I would like to take this opportunity to express my insights into my part of the theatre world…the dramaturgical part. I am interested to hear your opinions on these insights and perhaps offer some new ones of your own.


Kelsey Mathes Web 1 Resized

Read The Productive Actor’s Posts!

The first play I ever performed in was in kindergarten and I was the letter K. Followed by my second grade production of “Little Grunt and the Big Egg,” as the fantastic Narrator #2. Now, I live in New York and I’ve co-founded a theatre company. I act. I write plays and poetry and films and stories. I dabble with piano and the slide guitar. I can sing really high. I do some improv and sketch. Oh, and I find it’s a lot of fun to learn new things in and about acting, theatre, and the business of.  My friends think I’m a workaholic that doesn’t sleep, but what they don’t know is I have a secret affinity for fantasy novels and my two cats.

Read The Underdog Actor’s Posts!

I grew up as a Mets fan. That explains a lot about how I approach and am accepted by the world. I never would have guessed my primary source of income from age 25-32 would be standing as a painted silver mime on the streets of NYC. Nor would I have guessed I’d get paid to be a giant piece of cheese, a mobster or a bear. But such is life! I got bit by the bug 10 years ago and I am proud to say that I now almost make a living as one. I write more than I act, and since I want to do the latter more, I end up doing a lot of the former about the latter…make sense? Follow me on twitter at @timintravia!

Read The British Dancer’s Posts!

Originally from England, I have be blessed enough to perform across the world in regional theatres, casinos and on tour with musicals, magic shows and irish dancing! I have lived in London, South Carolina and New York but am now based in LA with my other half (an actor/ singer/ clown turned producer).  I write my blog to share my experiences both in front of and behind the casting table (whilst waiting for Broadway to call!). The city is tough, this business is tougher and sometimes it’s nice to know that we’re not alone in our struggles to ‘live the dream’!

The not so Newbie Actor Signature

Read The (not so) Newbie Actor’s Posts!

My addiction started during the sixteenth measure of “Prepare Ye” at a Godspell dress rehearsal when I was 14.  I live for the theatre.  I’m a devout fan of the Sanford Meisner approach and believe that the Tectonic Theater Projects’ play-making technique is the world’s greatest outlet for creativity and originality.  I’m a brainiac who strives to be part of analytic plays with depth, and I seek theatre that shifts its audience members into some state of internal unrest. Ironically, the Great Dionysus thought it’d be funny to bless me with a knack for farce and improv comedy.  Oops!

Read The Growing Artist’s Posts!

I started acting when I was 4 years old, and now 15 years later- I am still in love with the biz. I am a member of AEA and SAG-AFTRA. I live in the big apple, and I love it! I enjoy working in film/TV, but theater is definitely my true passion. When I am not acting- I spend my time singing with bands, working on my mini comic series, or exploring what this city has to offer! I am so excited to be a making my blogging debut as part of the awesome Ensemble!



Read The Bygone Baritone’s Posts!

Originally from the Home of Blues and Forbes’ 16th Most Miserable City of 2012 (Memphis, TN), I defected to The Big Apple 7 years ago to acquire copious amounts of debt at NYU and stand in lots of lines…I mean…to pursue my dreams…In all seriousness though, under my Zack Morris exterior, lies a Honey Boo Boo watching Actor/Singer/Producer/Step-Toucher with an undying passion for the live theater. As an actor, all I can do is try to tell stories as truthfully as possible. As a blogger, I’ll try to do the same…with maybe just the SLIGHTEST hint of humor…


Read The Late-Blooming Actor’s Posts!

I’ve traveled on five continents, been on a game show, jumped out of an airplane, met a president, dropped out of both nursery school and divinity school, crossed America on a bus full of hippies, gone through rehab, and published a memoir, but I never set foot on stage or took an acting class until age 32, and didn’t get up the nerve to audition until five years later. My brief acting career since then has been an unexpected whirlwind of bliss.



Read The California Triple-Threat’s posts!

I was the girl who could never stop dancing, talking, or singing, so it was no surprise to anyone when I announced I was going into show business. Now, amidst a crazy schedule of teaching dance classes, attending auditions, commuting from San Diego to Los Angeles, directing youth theater, rehearsing for new shows, and continually perfecting my craft, I sometimes stop and think about how I am living the life I always dreamed of. How many other people get paid to dance, sing, and play dress-up?


Read The College Theatre Dork’s posts!

I started blogging for English class during my first semester freshman year. Seven semesters later, I’m still writing about being “The College Theatre Dork”! I’ve spent four years of college to obtain my B.A. in Theatre and meanwhile, I’ve managed to study stage combat and devising, worked as Asst. House & Stage Manager, played Muggle Quidditch, joined Alpha Psi Omega and have enjoyed making drastic life decisions (such as cutting my own hair or like moving across the country immediately post-graduation).

The Reckless Artist sig


Read The Reckless Artist’s posts!

As someone who loves cliff jumping and motorcycles as much as I love playing classical piano and lyrical dancing, its no wonder I’ve found myself jumping from continent to continent in search of adventure, adrenaline, and art. I’ve been a SAG actor since I was seven and been classically trained in Los Angeles and London. Yet I’ve found the most thrill in my more unconventional performance experiences such as stunt shows, pyrotechnic hip hop shows, and shows that have flown me around the planet. It is my recklessness that produces my best work on and off the stage, and takes me on my wildest journeys.

The Mothering Actor Signature


Read The Mothering Actor’s posts!

I’ve produced my own films, had recurring roles on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, shot two episodes of Law and Order and numerous Indies but my toughest role…Mom! Being a mom is awesome, well…most days, but like any great role not without its learning curve and challenges.  When I’m not juggling acting/producing and chasing a kid around the playground, I’m trying to figure out when I can go horseback riding again!  I’d love to connect on Twitter @SarahLLilley or at http://www.Facebook/SarahLouiseLilleyActor

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