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Living the Suitcase Life

May 8, 2014

Something about the fact that I am close to leaving my home of the last four years made me want to get out of town and explore the local cities, knock off those things still hanging on my bucket list. It has been a great time but now I find myself surrounded by laundry, trying to unpack so I can pack up everything I own and move across the country.

I am going to be surviving this summer on only what I can bring in two suitcases. Everything else gets sent back home with my parents. It was my bamboo plant that made me realize this blog post: I can’t even bring my lucky little green plant with me wherever I go. Or a mirror, wall hangings, my tea mug, my stage weapons, a bookshelf – and this is the life that me and most of my classmates are about to embark on: a life on the road, living out of our suitcases and eating at restaurants or with whatever doesn’t require cooking utensils.

I don’t know where I am going to be in six months. I don’t know what the weather is going to be like when I get there, let alone in six months’ time. All these cool things I got for my apartment this year suddenly have to be boxed up for weeks/months/years until I am settled in a place where I can unpack my bags. Meanwhile, I’m trying to garage sale off what I can to lessen the load and under-going really frightening student loan counseling sessions. The thought of never seeing the people that I have spent the last four years with is even more so. I see far too many theatre jobs with unlivable salaries (if there is a salary offered at all). My parents’ health insurance may not cover me out-of-stage if something should happen. Not being able to take my stage combat weapons through airport security with me would just suck.

In some ways, I know I can handle it – I’m young enough that sleeping on a couch (or floor) doesn’t faze me. This is my opportunity to travel and take whatever happens at its best. I don’t have to worry about anyone else but me and my two bags.

Who else here has lived the suitcase life? What are your must-haves to bring with you (my tarot cards are coming with me!)? Any stage combat people with experience in traveling with stage combat weapons? Does it get harder or easier?

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