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August 19, 2013

I’m here. Right where I’m supposed to be.


I’ve been barista-ing. Is that a word? I’ve been making friends with customers, and every week I discover new things about the handful of them that answer my questions and put up with my happy banter. This is what I’ve recently discovered: One writes music and shared some music demos with me. We are in talks for doing a gig one day, if opportunity arises. I found out another customer designs costumes and he told me about a show (that I had friends in) that he did the costumes for. One customer works at a big theater downtown… he wasn’t so talkative though. I’m hoping my people skills will get him to open up because I can never have to many coffee-loving-theater-working friends in my life! It feels like a big THUMBS UP to be connecting with people in day-to-day situations like this. And these types of natural connections are what lead to bigger and better connections.

This morning I went to a last minute audition. I haven’t learned my lesson on leaving my house with extra-extra time, but I have, after almost 18 months in the crazy city of Los Angeles, figured out how to drive, how to navigate in traffic, where to park, and where NOT to park. The audition was a block away from my dance studio. IT’S A SIGN. The commercial was for my favorite theme park and the spot was for a barista. ANOTHER SIGN. The audition was fun, I started driving home. My pandora station played “What I Did For Love” and then it played the theme song from “Avenue Q”. I got so distracted and excited from these two songs in a row that I got lost somewhere south of Silverlake. I started thinking about how I’m living every hard, long day because I love what I do and I do it for that love. The end of the Ave Q theme song says “’till our dreams come true we live on Avenue Q”. My dreams haven’t come completely true, but they are progressing and until then I will continue to train, continue to make coffee, continue to audition, continue to make real connections with people. And thanks, universe, for the signs. I needed them.


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  1. August 20, 2013 3:46 pm

    Glad to hear things are going so well for you! Meeting inspiring people at a survival job is a huge motivator. Keep it up!

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