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(Re-)Catching the Writer’s Bug!

September 18, 2013

For the majority of 2013, I’ve had a serious case of writer’s block. I couldn’t get inspired for writing a play or even a scene. I tried to take a playwriting class to help inspire me, but then I found myself just writing because I had something do, as oppose to writing from the heart (and I never liked anything I wrote that I submitted to that class). However now that I’m done with grad school and I’ve just been completely freelancing for the past several months, I’ve finally found that magical inspiration to write again and LOVE what I’ve written! For any other playwrights (or writers of any sort) that have experienced the dreaded writer’s block, here’s a few tips of inspiration that’s helped me get out of those dark times:

1. Look at Theatre Submissions: Most (if not all) theatre’s and places that do new plays to be performed or published have guidelines. Read the guidelines and see if it gives you any ideas. Even if you don’t submit it to them or even if their deadline’s passed, use that inspiration to write! There’s always more places to submit to. If you want to see a ton of places to submit to on one page, check out NYCPlaywrights or Play Submissions Helper. Those are the one’s I usually use (especially NYCPlaywrights).

2. Use your own life experiences/people from your life. Theatre is life after all, and some things from your life (big or small) can be great for the stage! Also people from your life, whether it’s friends, family, or even people you barely know can make great characters! I recently wrote a 10 minute play with my best friend in it and when I told him he was honored and looked at it like I immortalized him. Sometimes you can’t tell it to people since they may not be comfortable with it, but usually being inspired by actual life events and real people can really help! Also playing “what-ifs” with things that’s happened in your life might not only break the writer’s block but also be fun!

3. News and Media. Another representation of real life. I don’t think I need to say more. 😉

4. 24 Hour-type festivals. Signing up for these festivals as a writer is such a great way to break out writer’s block. It forces you to write a 10-Minute play overnight and be inspired by the people who are randomly selected to be your director and actors. I’ve written plays based on things that’s happened in my actors’ lives in the past (with their approval of course) and us 4 finding things together that we’d like that I’ve included in! I’ve recently been selected to be a writer in a 24 hour festival once again, and I’m so excited for what adventures will come out of it!

There’s so many ways to break out of those dark evil clouds of writer’s block and find your sunlight of inspiration! Sometimes even a picture or a sitting down at Starbucks (or anyway) just observing  the atmosphere (in a way that’s not creepy) can even do the trick! But everyone needs to find their own path for inspiration, and if you do, you should have a good time and feel good doing it! Happy writing adventures everyone!

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  1. September 19, 2013 7:29 am

    Tip 1 is great: There is nothing like a deadline to get me writing!

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