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Packing Up My Backpack

March 23, 2012

When I was going to college, my grandma bought me a backpack. It was bulky and blue and even had a compartment for my brand-new laptop and I hated that backpack to this day. It gets used only when I’m packing to come home for breaks and only then. I prefer my really nifty messenger bag that I’ve had since ninth grade but still holds everything I need to get though my day.

I’m back for another post and since this week’s prompt is “Share the top 5 industry tools that you can’t live without — things that make your day-to-day life easier, or set you ahead of the competition”, I thought I’d share the five things I put in my bag that this theatre major needs.

  1. My iPod: it’s a no-brainer. I have an iPod Touch and that is what keeps me grounded as I go; with the wi-fi access all over campus and the clever apps I put on it, like the free texting app, facebook, Wikipedia, etc. I can check my email for the latest updates, make a note to myself without scrambling for a scrap of paper and pen, learn music for class, get texts about rehearsals…and it can also be used as a handy prop on occasion.
  2. My Acting Journal: perhaps this doesn’t set me ahead of any competition since the whole department is supposed to have one but it is something I can’t live without! I’ve chronicled everything I’ve learned and what I still need to, in these pages. Also, it’s very helpful when I need inspiration for a new blog post as I can re-read my initial thoughts and remind myself how far I’ve gotten along.
  3. Binders: and binders galore! I bought a stack of them last summer and they are all being used for various projects for my script copy, to hold my photos for Makeup class, sorting old scene scripts, as my portfolio, taking class notes and generally organizing my life into these three-ringed sections.
  4. The Commons: my college theatre department is planning on some construction to give us more space (post-my-graduation) but we do have among our studios, classrooms and offices, is a large space with tables and couches and chairs, a board to pin notices on and it happens to be the place for theatre majors, which we call The Commons. On any given day, I’ll walk in on someone practicing a monologue or tap dance while people are gathered around the table in conversation while waiting for class or an audition. It’s where I am right now, writing this! But more importantly than the actual space is the people in it: I’ve had some of the best conversations, the best rehearsals, the memories alone in this place. I’ve made friends here whom have taught me a lot about acting, auditioning, networking, how the theatre department works and even after some of them have graduated, those friends have helped me out on more than one occasion. So, I guess Number Four is actually the Commons/Friends/Theatre Department/Alumni Connections?
  5. My ASM Kit (cellphone included!): I’m cheating a bit because this is kept in another little bag that I bring to rehearsal but this bag is a necessity. It holds my script, pens and pencils, a first-aid kit and my cellphone. I actually hate my cellphone but it’s as important as having bandages—I usually just use it to call people who are late but once I had to call for an ambulance. The Girl Scout in me reminds you to always be prepared!

I’m surprised at some of these choices myself—I even checked my bag and sure enough, I had my iPod, journal and a binder along with a few pens, some Ricola cough drops, an apple for later and some scripts (Crimes of the Heart and Stage Door). Speaking of Stage Door—I’m off to rehearsal! Perhaps that will be my next post, about being an Assistant Stage Manager and all that I’ve learned to stock up my ASM kit with.

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  1. California Triple-Threat permalink
    March 23, 2012 1:28 pm

    This brings back so many memories of times I spent in the “quad” of my school, studying, preparing, rehearsing!

  2. March 24, 2012 11:06 am

    Networking only goes so far at the college level. As a blogger here, you have the unique opportunity to be in a running dialogue with people from various stages and disciplines in the industry, something many college kids in your position only seek when approaching graduation. In that way, you are ahead of your competition. So congrats! Keep it up.

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