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My top 5 industry tools I can’t live without!

March 22, 2012

“Share the top 5 industry tools you can’t live without — things that make your day-to-day life easier, or set you ahead of the competition.”

5. Dance Shoes– Something that I use every rehearsal, every dance audition, every callback are my two trusty pairs of T-strap Character heels! I have them in black and in tan, and they are more comfortable than some of my street shoes. Or maybe they just feel that way after the hundreds of hours I’ve spent in them?

4. The Internet– I spend a good few hours every day looking up auditions, casting breakdowns, researching shows or industry people I’d like to work with. Not to mention networking through facebook and twitter!

3. My Car–  I enjoy the time I get to spend driving every day. I sing as I drive; warming up my voice, or just belting along to the radio. I often review lyrics or choreography in my head, stuff that I don’t always make time for otherwise. My car also doubles as a storage unit. I never know when I’ll need an extra headshot or an alternate outfit. Both of which always live in my trunk.

2. My Mentor– I am so blessed to have a great relationship with my vocal and acting coach-turned-mentor. We talk often by text or phone call, and he helps me keep my priorities straight. We deconstruct auditions and talk about what things were in my control that could have gone better, and how I can let go and move on. He also keeps me updated when he comes across projects or people that I need to know about. Our relationship is INVALUABLE to me.

1. My iPhone 4s– I promise this isn’t an advertisement for apple, but I could not function without my phone! Siri helps me find directions and send text messages while I drive. The internet capabilities help me stay connected while I am out and about. I have a piano app that can play any pitch – perfect for right before going into singing auditions. The calendar helps me keep my schedule from becoming overwhelming. I even have an app that helps me memorize lines from a script! I could go on… “iphone apps for actors” could probably be a whole blog post!

I can’t wait to see what industry tools everyone else uses!

P.S. What IS your favorite smart phone app? Now I want to know!!

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  1. March 23, 2012 8:40 am

    I’m super jealous that you get to travel with your mobile storage unit! I can only imagine how much work stuff I’d be storing in there if I got to drive! 🙂

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