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If acting were easier, it would be called UNDERSTUDYING

February 3, 2012

Happy 2012 Green Room Blog Readers! Alright, so its almost February…here’s what I’ve been up to on the west coast for the past month!

January 2nd, I started rehearsals for How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying! (One of the first productions licensed to perform the show since its 2011 Broadway revival.) Having just seen it in NYC (the same trip I got to meet some of my fabulous fellow bloggers!) I was thrilled and excited to perform this zany, energy packed show!

Not only am I peforming as secretary Miss Krumholtz, I was also asked to understudy Rosemary. And on the first day of rehearsal, the director asked me to also cover Smitty, because of casting changes that happened right before we started rehearsals. I’m going to be honest, I was overwhelmed!  I have never had so much to memorize, absorb, and polish as in those 14 days of rehearsal!

Thoughts on being an understudy:

-There is no auto-pilot! An understudy always needs to have ears and eyes wide open.

-5 minute breaks? 10 minute breaks? Those are the best times to review what just happened in rehearsal and commit it to memory!

-It’s okay to not play your understudied role the same way as the other actor. But you do need to be word-perfect on lines!

-Colored pencils are not just for elementary school. My script is a road map of red, green, and blue scribbles and stage directions. I used the same colors to make cue sheets for all three characters as well!

I’ve been blessed to be understudying two very lovely actresses. And to be in a tight-knit cast of performers that is always encouraging each other and working to make our show run smoothly every night! Now that we are into our second weekend of the run I’m starting to breathe a little easier. I’d love to experience the rush of going in for one of the two roles, but I’m also thankful that both girls are consistant, professional, and healthy! Here is to a fantastic run, my fellow World Wide Wicket employees!

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