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R I P The Fish, AKA Be the Fish!

February 1, 2012

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Yesterday my fiancée and I buried, er flushed our pet goldfish of the last 18 months. This was a sadder event than I could have anticipated. We got him at a street fair and the little guy, (Krugy) dealt with two moves from Brooklyn up to Washington Heights and back as well as fending off our cats every day of his life.  The kid was a fighter and a survivor, which got me thinking about a better way to look at auditions.

They say fish have short memories, something like 4-6 seconds. I don’t know how true this is, but it got me thinking. Sometimes I wish was a fish. Or rather I wish I had some fish traits, specifically their memory.

Just imagine how different  leaving an audition room after sucking hard would be if you were a fish? You know, when you are beating yourself up for not being as familiar with the sides as you think you could have been and for glossing over that moment where you could’ve thrown in an awesome improvised line you thought of on the way out the door?

What if you could instantaneously forget that you called the director “Kevin” and the Producer “Mark” instead of what their real names were and that you could erase any memory of that awkward way you thanked the reader for “actually being good?” You could forget that 14 second pause while you were searching for your spot in your sides and wouldn’t need to recall that you thought the casting director was the intern. You’d have no memory of telling the writer you thought of a better line and you wouldn’t have to concern yourself with the thought that you may have overdressed by wearing your dad’s army outfit for the soldier role, that you for some odd reason read in a Russian accent. If you were a fish, this stuff wouldn’t keep you up at night!

Of course, you would also not be allowed to remember how darn connected you were during that dramatic piece and how you  made the room erupt with laughter during that comedic monologue that evoked crickets last time. You wouldn’t be able to recall that you got a callback from an EPA for an Off-Broadway show starring two Tony winners and that your witty joke about Snooki is what booked you that Verizon ad. You’d have to forget that one of  the guys who produced The Wire complimented your indie film read and that the head of NBC casting asked if you would consider reading for a bigger part after your co-star audition.

The fish doesn’t remember, good or bad. He/she can’t choose which ones to keep. We can, or at least we can decide which ones to hold onto. Maybe we should be more like Guy Pearce in Memento and just write down those things that help us through another day, those compliments and those good auditions and those worthwhile comments that help us keep the faith. The ones that help us pull ourselves out of bed at 6:30 am to go stand outside of Equity. The encouragements that make us submit, submit and submit. Maybe we should remember those bad ones only in a way that helps us make the next audition great. I don’t recommend tattooing this stuff on your body though, that could make getting some roles more difficult.

Good luck everyone and Rest in Peace Krugy, you were so much more than just a carnival fish.

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  1. California Triple-Threat permalink
    February 1, 2012 12:19 pm

    hahahaha! My mentor always encourages me to take a moment after an audition to process what happened, good and bad, and then to put it behind me and move on. Thanks for the great post, Underdog!

  2. February 1, 2012 1:44 pm

    So sorry to hear about your fish, but he left a great legacy. Awesome post 🙂

  3. February 1, 2012 6:30 pm

    Great stuff, Underdog! This is actually coming at a perfect time for a friend of mine. I’ve got to have her read this. PS I can already tell it’s going to be fun hearing/reading what you have to say! Did you really book a Verizon commercial with a witty Snooki joke?

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