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Happy Movie Musical Monday!

February 6, 2012

Well, good morning!  And Happy Movie Musical Monday!

A few months back I began getting up every Monday morning and posting various clips from different movie musicals on my Facebook page to share with my friends.  Why?  Well, the fantastic spectacle of the movie musical (enhanced often by an aspect of joyous, unabashed whimsy) made them the perfect counterpart to a day of the week that is generally greeted with a groan and a deep sigh, stemming from either a sense of regret over what happened/didn’t happen over the weekend, or from projected exhaustion about the coming week.  Basically: Everyone could use an extra smile on a Monday.  Why not have it served up in a large-scale production number?

The Redheaded Actress suggested that I move these clips and commentaries over here to have the opportunity to share my love of movie musicals with even more people.  This made me very happy–almost as happy as comparing Judy Garland’s fifteen minute long medley “Born In a Trunk” from A Star Is Born, to Liza Minnelli’s eleven minute long medley “Happy Endings” from New York, New York (something I have actually sat down and done several times).  I hope you’ll enjoy this new series, and that these little musical nuggets will brighten your Mondays the way they do mine.  Here we go!

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