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Theatre Resumes

May 14, 2015

We as artists have the hardest time not only finding work, but getting help finding work. Unless you are in college (and for some people not even then), there isn’t any place out there to help theatre artists get proper feedback and advice on the paperwork side of things like resumes, cover letters, artist statements, and more. Really the best way to change that around is for someone to stand up and do something about it. Therefore I’ve decided to start a small side business in helping theatre artists with resumes!

My business Theatre Epitome (greek origin for both “a summery of written work” and “a person or thing that is a perfect example of a particular quality or type”) has the sole mission to help any and all theatre artists from actors to designers, new in the industry or has been working for decades, with Community Theatre credits to Broadway credits; create the best resumes they can. For $20 an hour I’ll provide professional feedback on any and all theatre resumes or other related paperwork you have! All I need from any prospective client a digital PDF of what you want feedback on ahead of time, then for you to provide a printed copy on the day and time of our consultation session (unless you live too far to commute to NYC, then we’ll do an online consultation).

As someone who’s currently entering her late 20’s, I’ve had interviews at Broadway and well-established Off-Broadway venues such as Manhattan Theatre Club, MCC Theatre Company, Atlantic Theatre Company, Ensemble Studio Theatre, and more based on my own resume. I feel very grateful for the opportunities I’ve had and the skills I’ve developed, so I feel passing them onward would be helpful.

Contact me if interested (and pass along the info to those that might be)! Anyone that has issues contacting me directly can directly contact “The Red Headed Actress” through Green Room Blog to get ahold of me.

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