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How to Get Your Solo-Show Produced in NYC with No Contacts, No Referrals and Living Out-of- State

May 7, 2015

Would this change your life?

I was living in Sedona, AZ.

I volunteered to collect email addresses for Eve Ensler (the creator of The Vagina Monologues) when she was performing her hit one-woman play, The Good Body in Scottsdale, AZ.

I was a huge fan, and had recently performed as The Angry Vagina in The Vagina Monologues in Flagstaff, AZ. We raised over $20,000 in one night to fight violence against women and girls worldwide.

I didn’t expect anything from Eve. I didn’t ever think I’d see her personally after the show in Scottsdale.

There was a group of twenty people waiting for Eve outside the stage door which was about 30 feet ahead of me in the auditorium. If I had any hope of meeting her…that kind of sealed my fate…or so I thought.

Fifteen minutes later I watched as her fans walked away from the stage door and left the theatre all at once. As the last person walked outside and closed the door behind them, Eve came out suddenly, walking straight to me. (The way the theatre was set up she couldn’t see the people who just left. They were just gone)

Eve Ensler asked how it was going. I told her how many emails I collected for V-Day.  I complimented her show and told her specific moments from The Good Body that moved me and inspired me. I informed her that I had my own one-woman show called My Brooklyn Hamlet and how I might do some things a little differently because of seeing her in action. I told her I admired her boldness.

She did a long once over of me in my bright green top, purple jeweled skirt and purple suede boots and said, “I can’t imagine you have a problem with being bold.” My cheeks flushed as I chuckled.

I then proceeded to take a moment to tell her a bit about my show and why ending violence was so dear to my heart. (My father killed my mother in 1995)

She then, right there, gave me the email address for one of the people who runs V-Day. She told me to contact this woman and let her know about my show because there was a grassroots festival premiering in NYC in two months called, Until the Violence Stops. She thought I should go.

I thanked her, took the email address and said goodbye, thinking there is no way I could fly to NY to go attend a festival, even though it sounded amazing.

Eve Ensler  & Brenda Adelman

The next day I emailed my contact at V-Day and told her my story of meeting Eve and that I was originally from Brooklyn and I had a show and…

she immediately invited me to submit my materials to the producers who were running events all around NYC and looking for local acts to produce.

Within seven days I had three organizations/theatre companies in New York producing my show. One place in Brooklyn produced a reading. One theatre in midtown produced twenty minutes of my show, alongside an evening of short plays/presentations and I had one full-length showing of my one-woman show at a theatre in the Village.

I immediately phoned a friend who I had known from acting class in LA that had returned to NY and asked if I could stay with him. He said, yes!

My dream of performing my one-woman show in my hometown happened as if by magic. Remember, I lived in AZ and had no leads, no contacts and no referrals. I hadn’t been researching places to perform, raising money or tapping into my savings.

What did I have?

I had a complete show, in excellent shape, a strong intention and I put myself out there. Plus I was being of service to a cause that means something to me when the opportunity dropped in my lap.  I also followed-up.

Would this happen to you if you were in my shoes?

Right time, right place, right action. Why not?

I don’t know what you want to accomplish.

All I know is that having a complete, kick-butt solo show has been my ticket to freedom, travel, changing lives, making money, meeting incredible people and booking other acting work.

Stunned by the synchronicity of the doors that open when I follow my truth.

Here’s to following yours!

The Solo-Show Queen

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