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Support The Redheaded Actress’ Feminist Indie Film!

March 2, 2015

Hey, Green Room Blog readers!

Remember when I wondered if it was crazy to self-produce, fundraised for a hugely ambitious Anne Boleyn play, shared my crowdfunding tips, and then produced a crazy successful and beautiful piece of theatre?

Well, I’m at it again.

I wrote a feminist short film called Choice, and I’m raising $10K by mid-March to shoot it.


Choice is a film about the challenges of being a modern woman, and I can just about guarantee that there’s something in it that every woman will relate to. And something in it that every guy should learn!

We’re already 20% funded (hooray!), but we need your help to make it to $10K.

In exchange, I promise to create a great film, give opportunities to women in indie film (we’re hiring an all-female crew!), and tell you all about what I learn along the way. Plus, we have some fun perks you can get, too!

So please throw a few bucks our way if you can spare ’em. I’ll do ya proud! 🙂


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