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See you in three weeks Mum!

May 22, 2014

Earlier this year I worked on a small scale children’s tour in the Stage Management department. The tour started in a local city that is commutable to however it would’ve taken a long time and would’ve been very expensive as I was required every day, therefore I stayed with one of the staff who I have known for a couple of years now. After that we went to another city and then I moved back down south to go back to university. I was basically home for a week, during my easter holidays so here’s what I’ve learnt about touring!


  • You will never pack enough stuff for the duration of the tour!


I thought I was quite good at packing considering I come home from university quite often however apparently that is not true. I haven’t got a lot of outfit choices, I forgot to pack enough black clothing and I didn’t have some essentials (in my defense they are were left down south meaning there was no chance of them coming on tour with me).


  • Living with fellow crew members is the best thing you could do!


The musical director and I moved into our Production Manager’s house for a week. It was such a fun time as we would come home and then just chill on his very comfy sofas while watching some crap television. However it was also productive; while I was writing up cue lists the musical director was simply sat opposite me if I had any questions and vice versa. Hopefully this will be replicated at Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year. 


  • You will do a lot of drinking/ eating out!


Maybe because you’re not near your own kitchen the temptation to eat out is high. I think we managed to go to a Wetherspoons (popular pub restaurant) in every city. After a long day it was much nicer just to go to the pub for a meal instead of having to drive home and then cook. It also meant time for socialising, an invaluable time and one of my favourite parts of working in theatre.


  • You will miss it when you come home.


I had to miss the last venue of the tour due to university commitments and I missed it dreadfully. I had had such a blast and had made many new friends as well as cementing previous friendships. We were in our own little world for a while, seeing the same people day in and day out, and yet I would never have complained. I look forward to future projects with this company, which are coming up soon.


I hope this gave you a little insight into my touring experiences. I apologise my absence recently but I promise to keep you updated on everything ahead.


I would love to hear your experiences of touring; pros and cons? Highs and lows? Would you ever do it again?


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