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It’s really who you know

February 27, 2014

And all I know is that the Universe really likes me right now and I don’t want to the tip the karmic scales of balance.

First, The Chicago Actor sends Courtney Rioux my way and in less than an hour, she helps me plan out my current life goals and how to accomplish them.

Then my roommate started working a new job – and the employer happened to be looking for another employee with writing skills and athletic ability. I ended up having a job interview via text message at one o’clock in the morning and getting a gig as a writer/basketball referee (and yes, it’s going on my special skills).

I now have an amazing summer job – and the company has a lot of alumni from my alma mater.

I will not underestimate the power of networking and references. I will not underestimate it. I hope I will someday pay it forward with interest.

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