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A little respect please….

February 25, 2014

As a passionate and now quite regular theatre-goer I’ve noticed myself getting more annoyed at some people’s obvious lack of respect while in the theatre. I wish there was a rule book that had to be read before they brought tickets (even though I’m sure people would just skip over it like they skip the terms and conditions!). And if there was such a thing I would hope this things were included (made for musicals):

  1. Turn up on time – and by on time I actually mean early. Don’t turn up when the show is meant to start; the show is meant to start then so please be in your seats. The show cannot start until the house is clear and everyone’s wish is to get the show up on time. Even worse is arriving after the show has started as trust me your fellow audience members will not be happy about standing up or their blocked view. Oh and try not leave during the performance unless it is absolutely required (getting another drink is not absolutely required!).
  2. Dress nicely – I don’t mean full on evening gowns or top hats but it’s meant to be an evening of entertainment so dress appropriately. I generally like to wear a casual dress or a nice pair of trousers with a smart top. I guess it’s just a respect thing. 
  3.  No Mobile Phones – there’s a reason there are signs all over the theatre and occasionally a pre-show announcement; to make sure you turn off your phones. It’s highly distracting to the actors if you are on your phone as your face is lit up beautifully. It is also distracting to anyone sat behind you who can’t help but look at your lit screen. Just turn it off and stuff it in your bag. It’s not too difficult and not a lot will happen in the hour and a half till interval when you can turn it back on again!
  4. Keep talking to a minimum and No singing please! – I decided not to say no talking as I know myself you can’t help but comment sometimes. However keep it to a minimum, don’t broadcast it to your whole row plus the one in front and if you can make sure it is during applause. To add to this; please don’t sing! I know many people, including myself, know all the words to many shows however we’ve paid the ticket to hear the actors perform it not to hear you.

I think these are the main ideas people would respect, especially having been subjected to them all at one point or another. Is there anything else you wish people would do? or anything you disagree with? 


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  1. The College Theatre Dork permalink
    February 26, 2014 9:22 pm

    THANKS! I wish I could put this inside the programs I give out…I could write a blog post about house managing rude audience members (I just might!).

  2. Tattooed Theatre Student permalink
    March 1, 2014 4:22 pm

    you should do college theatre dork (: it just really annoys me.

  3. The Growing Artist permalink
    March 4, 2014 9:31 pm

    Yes! I can’t stand it when people are disrespectful before/during a show. People don’t seem to know how to behave in a theater anymore!

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