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Things That Get Better/Things That Don’t.

December 17, 2013

Things that get better: Not waiting for hours at open calls because your agent books you appointments

Things that don’t get better: Not getting a callback

Things that get better: Your music book is fine-tuned and you like all your options

Things that don’t get better: Your panic when the casting assistant announces that the music director is requesting something different than what was on the audition breakdown.

Things that get better: Feeling like the new kid on the block and everyone knows everyone else except you.

Things that don’t get better: Auditions always feel clique-y and it’s hard to focus between the two people you wish you could talk to and that guy you are trying to ignore.

Things that get better: Preparing material from the show the casting director sends you instead of panicking over the right 16 bar song choice that is “in the style of the show”.

Things that don’t get better: How many hours you  put into prepping the music for every audition.

Things that get better: The more you audition the easier auditions get and the more you can enjoy them as mini performances.

Happy auditioning friends!


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