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What Happens When You Don’t Take Action

November 27, 2013

Embarrassing stories as so much fun to hear. Last month I wrote my most embarrassing post to my personal blog. Today, I share with you my most embarrassing story for Green Room Blog.

Quick back story: I’ve made lots of progress with my goals since college. I moved to a new city, my resume is better than it’s ever been, I have better headshots than I’ve ever had, and I’m taking classes that are progressing my acting skills. I’m proud of all of this. However, there are some areas that I haven’t improved. I still can’t cook, I’ve never been able to keep my room clean, and…I’m still awkward around girls.

Okay, story time: A short while ago, I met a girl. She was attractive. We chatted briefly. It was fun. Naturally, the thought of asking her out came to mind. I knew I was going to see her again in the near future. And when I did, I told myself that I would do it. The night finally arrived. There were plenty of drinks to go around and I was surrounded by good company. Everything was set up perfectly. But the thought of pulling her aside terrified me. So I kept waiting for the perfect moment where I could get her alone. Unfortunately, it didn’t come. The evening continued, and we all moved to a bar. Again I waited for that perfect moment. And it still didn’t come. Some of us headed to the train after. She did too. But asking someone out on the train is far from a perfect moment. It didn’t come. Three of us switched trains. She was one of them. There was now just one other person with us. I was so close to that perfect moment.

It didn’t come. She got off before both of us.

How often do you find yourself waiting for a “perfect” moment, only to miss out on an opportunity? How about playing it safe because the thought of putting yourself out there is scary and uncomfortable? The whole reason I share this very silly story is because many of us have careers where we encounter scary or uncomfortable moments. It’s easy to wait for a less scary moment. How often do we succeed when we’re sitting around waiting instead of taking action?

Take action, friends. Even though it’s scary. Although it doesn’t hurt to have a wingman.

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