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Take a Beat.

November 14, 2013

Do you ever feel like you just can’t catch up? You haul yourself out of bed before the sun to go to your survival job to pour pots on pots on pots of coffee so you can pay your bills. Then you spend all day in rehearsal getting ready for another amazing show. Meanwhile your apartment looks like a tornado blew through, but instead of getting it all in order you spend your downtime getting that monologue memorized, working on your book, fitting all that you can into the hour voice lesson, booking time and space to record and send your submission videos, print your headshots, stare at them and remember that you should probably get your haircut soon and then get some NEW headshots, and making sure you have enough options for audition/callback outfits for your one day off. You weigh the value of a full gas tank versus a MegaBus or MetroNorth ticket to get to that open call in Manhattan. You somehow fit all you need for a 36 hour trip into the city in your Vera Bradley laptop backpack and still manage to fit cookies in there to bring your friend for letting you take up  weekly residence on her LoveSack in the living room. Most days it takes every ounce of strength to get back on the bus or train and leave the city, but for now, it’s only a short ride away. On top of all that there’s maintaining relationships with your family, friends, and boyfriend.

Holy Crap that’s a lot. It’s total chaos, it’s my life and I love every minute of it.

But right now I am trying my very best to take a beat. Not three weeks ago I wrapped up an amazing show with some truly special people. The boyfriend and I just got brand new jobs that begin in less than a week and I have HUGE audition appointment in a couple days. There are so many things I have learned  about the craft and myself in the past 8 weeks. Before the end of this amazing and challenging calendar year slips away, I want to share some of those things with you. Some are simple and silly, and others more serious, but they are a part of me now. I am really looking forward to sharing some new stories with you all!



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