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Self-Producing: A Solo Adventure #3

May 21, 2013

Wow! Life sure gets in the way, if you let it. This past week has seen both large steps and severe stunted movement toward my goal as I tended to things that popped up in my “real” life. In an ideal world, I would have had a couple more weeks to pull this together. But I don’t. And that’s okay. It just means I need to get. to. work. I have definitely learned the value of saying “No” this week. Unfortunately, I learned that lesson because I said “Yes” to too many things. But the show must go on, so I stay up late and try not to forego things like, you know, eating.

One thing that popped up was a unique audition that involve choreographing a dance combo. I spent a lot – A LOT – of time working that combo and the accompanying monologue. The work paid off; the audition went really well! The downside is I sacrificed time to work on View from the Pews to work on that audition, and I lost a whole day of rehearsal traveling to and from the audition (out-of-town, as always).

When I was focused on View from the Pews, it has been mostly about staging and lines. I would like to be further along in the line learning process than I am, but I figure if I can get ten pages a day in my body, I will make my Off-Book deadline. I’ve also got to make quick like a bunny and get my props made. The feeling of panic and being completely overwhelmed is threatening to overtake me, so I am going to just stop.


Pass on the wine and make a cup of herbal tea.

(Okay, maybe one glass of wine.)

Now, what needs to happen next? Let’s deal with one thing at a time.

What is this about? Here’s the scoop:

My solo show, View from the Pews, has been invited to perform at the Tennessee Women’s Theatre Project Women’s Work Festival next month! Follow along on my journey as I post weekly about what I am doing to prepare, and the kind of progress I am making.

Tasks Week 4:

  • Get off book.
  • Acquire/Make Props
  • Start shopping for wardrobe
  • Send out marketing materials & press releases.
  • Finish Week 3 Tasks

Tasks Week 3:

  • Follow up with Equity on Wavier (still waiting, but I did follow up…I just have to keep following)
  • Finish blocking the show
  • Start working the sections
  • Begin building/acquiring props
  • Design slides
  • Run the music
  • Learn lines
  • Clarify what the site can provide & remain in contact with them

Tasks Week 2:

  • Dismiss the playwright. She is on call should we run into a problem in rehearsal, otherwise she is not invited into the room.
  • Start working the music.
  • Divide the show into manageable sections and begin learning my lines.
  • Start blocking the show.
  • Plan costume.
  • Create marketing plan and marketing materials. – This is going to happen tomorrow, just didn’t get to it last week!
  • Follow up with Equity on Wavier

Tasks Week 1:

  • Edit script. Then let it go; let this production’s version of the script happen. Tinker more, later.
  • Get my game plan together: action steps and deadlines!
  • Send program and other requested info to producers of Festival.
  • Confirm technical specs for the slides, or devise a plan to do the show without them.
  • Generate a prop list.
  • Check with Equity about getting a Solo Show Waiver

Props & Slides are due May 1st; Off Book on May 3rd

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