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March 22, 2013

When I spend time with theater friends I sometimes think about how much talent they were each born with, and the great projects we could accomplish together. I hope you enjoy The Restless Dramaturg writing about collaboration and ways to encourage it!

“Theatre is one of the only art forms that requires more than yourself to create.  It is a collaborative art, and as any of you who’ve been reading my posts will know, collaboration is not the name of the game, but is the game itself.  So, what happens when you get a group of theatre people together?  Magic!  When it works, collaboration can change the life of any production.  You get a team of crackshot artists in one place and the possibilities are endless. I strive to find these units anywhere I can. You need to find people who love what you love and meet them!  Join a book club, or a forum; if you can’t find one, start one…” Keep reading!


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