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May 28, 2011

Theatre is one of the only art forms that requires more than yourself to create.  It is a collaborative art, and as any of you who’ve been reading my posts will know, collaboration is not the name of the game, but is the game itself.  So, what happens when you get a group of theatre people together?  Magic!  When it works, collaboration can change the life of any production.  You get a team of crackshot artists in one place and the possibilities are endless. I strive to find these units anywhere I can. You need to find people who love what you love and meet them!  Join a book club, or a forum; if you can’t find one, start one.

Once you have assembled/joined your team, then comes the fun part.  It’s something I like to call the “Aha Moment.”  In this moment you realize a connection has been made; a bridge has been gapped between art and reality.  Your art has become your reality.  What are some of your “aha” moments?  Is there anything that you have had a terrible time collaborating on?

In a rehearsal room the Dramaturg is usually the one off to the side, quietly taking notes, stone-faced.  Part of the training includes classes on not cracking a smile or showing too much emotion, they even bring in a guard from the palace (that last part’s a joke).  But what’s not a joke: all an actor will see of a dramaturg, aside from pre or post show partying, is that shadowy figure biting their tongue in the darkness of the house.  But when a director, playwright, production team, etc. get together, watch the Dramaturg shine!  The energy that is generated from the creative ideas bouncing from one brain to the next is enough to power a small village.

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