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The Secret to My Success

October 2, 2012

There is one thing on my resume that has gotten me jobs, roles, gotten me continually noticed in auditions and at least can be used to strike up a conversation. Can you guess what it is?

If you guessed my degree, name of my school, past director/show, vocal range or name of reference, you are wrong.

Consistently now, the one thing on my resume that gets people’s attentions are my Special Skills.

Every actor should list them on their resume: “can speak Spanish”, “owns a driver’s license”, “can juggle while riding a unicycle”. The more unique, the better (and don’t lie. I’ve known directors to call an actor out mid-audition to test their accents or juggling ability).

On my resume, I have listed:

  • Muggle Quidditch
  • Tarot and Dream Readings
  • Good with Children and Animals
  • Blogging (The Green Room Blog).

Muggle Quidditch? Is that real? How do you fly? Yes and not unless someone runs into me and knocks me off my broom. I actually played Muggle Quidditch on my college team for two years and I won’t lie, it was pretty bad-ass. I was a decent Chaser too. But more important than my team taking 7th in our division at the World Cup, was that I got a job because of it. Yes, my job last summer—my interviewer/future House Manager noticed it on my resume and was a huge Harry Potter fan. He actually asked about it in my interview, wanting to know if this was a legitimate thing, my playing Quidditch. Theatre-related? No. But it certainly gave me an advantage and then got me the job!

Tarot and dream readings are another “Are you serious?” moments. I’ve been reading Tarot cards and doing dream interpretations for other people for quite a few years now. I had an audition for a show that’s set up like a circus—my special skills were noticed and got me cast. I’m really excited to begin rehearsals for that; I’m thinking I’ll make myself be a fortune teller of sorts.

So, special skills. Not only are they useful, but they can give people a sense for what you are like, if you love to crochet and do yoga or if you professionally rock-climb. By the end of the year, I hope to add another special skill to my set: Unarmed Stage Combat skills, maybe even a recommended pass by the S.A.F.D (Society of American Fight Directors)?

Keep on growing and learning and then doing!

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  1. October 2, 2012 10:19 am

    That picture could not be more amazing. And yes, I also pride myself on having random and awesome special skills. Sometimes, it just makes for a great conversation starter, and sometimes, it lands me a job! 🙂

  2. October 2, 2012 5:19 pm

    I also have great with children and animals, blogging, and Tarot cards listed in my special skills (as well as astrology) and the more you stand out in an audition or interview the better shot you have! Listed unique skills shows you are a well-rounded person. People do ask about those things and they really do help get you a job!

  3. The Growing Artist permalink
    October 2, 2012 7:05 pm

    Really enjoyed reading your post! I totally agree that having unique special skills on your resume can help. By the way- I think it’s awesome that you play Quidditch! I love watching it, but I have never tried playing. I am a big HP fan as well 🙂 Hufflepuff pride!

    • The College Theatre Dork permalink
      October 2, 2012 7:21 pm

      I could make so many Starkid jokes about Hufflepuff…haha I adore Hufflepuffs though, but Ravenclaw all the way!

      This is such a great picture (thanks Mom!), right before I tackled her to the ground! That was a good game too.

      • October 4, 2012 11:07 pm

        I’m a Hufflepuff with Ravenclaw rising. (The only house I have not a bit of in me is Gryffindor.)

        • The College Theatre Dork permalink
          October 4, 2012 11:12 pm

          Who doesn’t love Harry Potter? I’m definitely keeping Quidditch on my resume! (Besides, its surprisingly violent and very physical, the physical part of it is good for an actor to be).

      • October 5, 2012 1:41 pm

        @TheCollegeTheatreDork Haha! I love StarKid. I got a lot of their Hufflepuff jokes when I went to Comic Con last year in my Hufflepuff cosplay 🙂 Ravenclaws are cool too though. By the way, that is a great photo! Looks like you were having fun. You are definitely inspiring me to try Quidditch now- maybe someday 🙂

        @LateBloomingActor Yay! A fellow Hufflepuff! *High Five*

  4. October 4, 2012 11:06 pm

    This is very helpful advice. I need to flesh out that section of my resume. I’ve gathered many skills in my years on earth, even if few of them seem to directly relate to theater — and I’ve been told some of them are things theater companies, especially small/new ones, need.

  5. California Triple-Threat permalink
    October 14, 2012 3:49 pm

    Super cool!


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