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Tools That Make Life Easier

March 26, 2012

Here are my picks for top five most useful industry tools, ladies and gents:

1. My monologue/sides binder: Somewhere organized where I can keep every paper product I might need for an audition.

Headshots, printed out sides, and other recent paperwork in the pocket on the left, monologues and prepared sides organized in excruciating detail on the right.

2. iPhone: Cliche? Perhaps. Totally a life-saver in dozens of circumstances? Definitely. I use iCal to store all of the pertinent info for every audition, the map feature to get me to unfamiliar places, the reminders function to keep my actor to-dos organized, and several other super-useful apps (future blog post!) on an at least hourly basis.

3. Playbill/Actors Access/AEA Call/Backstage casting notices: This is also super obvious, but worth mentioning because, honestly? The only way this business could be harder would be if we were having to find audition notices in newspapers and mailing dozens of hardcopy headshots each day.

4. New York Public Library / Drama Bookshop: There’s very little research material you might need to find for an audition or production that you can’t find using one of these two resources. I’ve written a whole post already about how much I love the NYPL, but it’s still worth mentioning again for its usefulness in a nearly unfathomable amount of ways. Similarly, the good ol’ trusty Drama Bookshop is an invaluable tool for the NYC actor. And you don’t even have to spend tons of money to get what you need there. Case in point, I spent the better part of two days there last month searching for the perfect scene and I only ended up buying one play from them. They rock my socks. Also? They have awesome events there in the downstairs theater. I got to meet Paula Vogel that way!

5. Twitter: I had no idea when I joined Twitter to chat with some of my blogger friends that I was dipping my toes into one of the greatest showbiz tools out there. Not only can you keep up with industry news, score free broadway tickets, find a support network of fellow artists, and get nearly instantaneous advice from your followers, but it is also the great democratizer in terms of who you can get to know. I’ve been tweeted at by Jason Robert Brown, for example, and there are many casting directors/agents/directors who know me by name only from my tweeting! I find Twitter truly exciting, if for this reason alone!

Honorable mentions on this list include: Headshots I adore by Jordan Matter, versatile and confidence-inspiring audition clothes/shoes, and IMDBpro for industry research!

What tools help you to navigate this biz?

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  1. March 26, 2012 11:25 pm

    A friend of mine used Jordan Matter and was very happy with him. He shot your latest? (which I love by the way)

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