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A Simple Trick To Staying Inspired

September 2, 2014

I totally planned on writing a “how to stay inspired” post today….and I couldn’t feel less inspired.

Don’t get me wrong – things are going pretty well right now. This past week I got a paycheck from a gig, scored two (very last minute) extra gigs, applied for a reoccurring gig that would bring in many more paychecks, plus got an audition for a national commercial. Yet today, for whatever reason, I kept focusing on the negatives: It’s really hot in my apartment. I fell off track with nutrition earlier in the week, which means clean eating for the next several days. (WHY are there always cookies on set??) I also have a big life change coming up, which is exciting!….but is going to mean much less income. I don’t like having less income.

I hate days like this, but I’m almost glad it happened. It reminded me of something important: There are going to be days where we feel discouraged. This happens at random times with or without reason. When it does happen, it’s important not to kick yourself. It’s also important to realize that there are different ways to get out of your funk. Go with a few trial runs to find your best solution.

Okay, onto the positives. When starting out in a creative field, it’s easy to think of our big and scary goals as difficult and impossible. This causes many artists to quit before even getting started. We certainly don’t want this to happen. Here’s a trick: When we surround ourselves by inspiring people, those big and scary goals suddenly seem less scary and easier to achieve.

I often get discouraged on weekends because that’s when I wait tables. I work mornings and save my evenings for creative work. While I like having this time to myself, I tend to stop working much earlier in the evening because I usually feel less inspired. Yet on weeks where I have a lot of extra work, auditions, or workshops, I feel great! It’s because I’m around others who have big and scary goals like I do. I usually work much longer and more efficiently on weeks like this.

Celebrity trainer Chalene Johnson tweeted this earlier today:


Personal photo

Yes Chalene….yes it does.

Who do you spend most of your time with? Who can you spend more time with in order to stay inspired and taking action toward your goals?

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