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Wanting the Role Versus Needing it

July 28, 2014

You guys. I have a really awesome audition coming up.

There’s a plethora of positive outcomes that could come from this: I’d be able to quit my serving job. I’d be making valuable connections. I’d be earning nearly double what I’m currently making. I could pay off my health insurance bills (but let’s not talk about those any further).

But here’s the best part of all this: I have a really awesome audition coming up. And I won’t mind if I don’t get the part.

I used to get far too excited whenever I had auditions like these. I’d all but announce to the world that this audition was coming up that could literally change my life. When I didn’t hear back, I’d focus on the negatives. I’d wonder what I did wrong. I’d be upset that I still had to wait tables. There’d be all this negativity that really didn’t need to be there. 

With the help of coaches such as Dallas Travers and Courtney Rioux, plus a lot of personal development, I learned I can still want to get the part without needing to get the part. I’ve learned how to look for the positives over the negatives. Lately, there’s been a lot of positives! Over the past month especially, I’ve noticed that opportunities like this one keep coming up.

It’s only a matter of time before I find the one that’s right for me.

I’ve also learned to look at what I get to do if I don’t get this part. I can go to my cousin’s wedding. I can keep submitting myself for extra work, which has been an excellent source of income. This also helps establish myself with those casting extras so that I can get more work. Plus I’ll have more time to work on my projects that will create more long term income.

See where I’m getting at? We can change our mindset. We just need to learn from people like Dallas and Courtney. Another trick is to surround yourself with positivity and inspiration. Since I started looking for this, my facebook feed is overwhelmingly positive. Who doesn’t want that?

It’s only a matter of time before I find the gig that’s right for me. I honestly believe the same will happen for you.


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