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First Post/New Writer

June 20, 2014

Here I am sitting in my break room at Disney typing this up. I’m a new blogger for “The Green Room”. Well, let me get started by saying Hello to all you readers out there. My name is Christopher Gooley. I’m originally from Long Island, NY and somehow ended up at Disney World working in entertainment. I have done numerous off broadway shows and worked in regional theaters. Since my move to Florida I have been doing more on camera work. I’m also a proud member of SAG-AFTRA. I have trained at AMDA & Juilliard and hold a BFA in Theater Arts from Five Towns College.

Well, fast forward 5 years ahead and now here I am writing this. This Fall I’m moving back to NYC to go to NYU to get my MA in Educational Theatre. I’m also getting ready to move into the next phase of my career. Well, it’s time to do parade now here at Disney World, but I will be writing a lot more about my experience as an Actor, Casting Director and what its really like to work in a “Right to Work State” as a union member.


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