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The Power of the Google Alert for an Actor

June 12, 2014



photo credit: Google

A very wise someone many years ago advised me to set up a Google Alert on myself. I can’t remember who it was, or I would share their brilliance publicly, but it was great advice.

You all know what a Google Alert is, right? I hadn’t heard of it at the time, but basically it’s a saved search through Google that will email you any time a new piece of information pops up anywhere on the web that meets your search criteria.

Having a Google Alert for yourself is incredibly helpful — you’re always the first to know what’s out there on the internet about you! Whether it’s a play review, a photo shoot that’s finally posted, a blog post that mentions your name, the Playbill announcement of your next show…you’ll get an email letting you know that it’s out there. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten a Google Alert about myself and been glad to have that information!

But there are so many ways that a smart actor can use Google Alerts to advantage. I’ve only recently realized that myriad ways to put Google Alerts to work for me, and I wanted to share my newfound knowledge with you.


8 Ways for Actors to use Google Alerts:

  1. Casting Directors: Got a casting director you’ve been dying to meet? That one guy who always casts shows you’re right for? Set up a Google Alert so you never miss a chance to see them on a panel or meet them at a seminar.
  2. Agents: Ditto.
  3. Target Shows: Maybe you’ve been dying to do Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike. Or maybe you want to be the first to know when that pilot you’ve heard about starts casting. Google Alert!
  4. Target Theaters: If you’re desperate to work at The Guthrie? Know everything about The Guthrie. One easy way to stay on top of news there is to set up an automatic search!
  5. Directors/Playwrights/DPs/Artistic Directors You’d Like to Work With: If you’re a savvy actor, you probably have at least a handful of industry people you know you want to collaborate with at some point in the future. This is an easy way to make sure you know what they’re up to and never miss a chance to meet them in person. Or if you’re in email correspondence with them, you can easily compliment them on their latest interview or big event.
  6. Previous Collaborators: Did you work with some successful actors or backstage people in the past? Don’t lose track of them! Go see their stuff and keep up with what they’re working on.
  7. Previous Projects: Did you do the first reading of a new musical? Is that indie film you worked on getting accepted into festivals left and right? Use Google Alerts to stay on top of alllll of that.
  8. Yourself 🙂

Have you used Google Alerts in any genius ways? Share your tips below!

And no, Google is not compensating me for this post in any way. Although, Google…you totally should 😉


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