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4 goals, 4 tasks, two thousand 4 teen

January 20, 2014

NEW POST SERIES: “What are your goals/resolutions for 2014? What concrete steps do you plan to take to achieve those goals or life changes? Share some of the things that you think will be your greatest challenges along the way.”

I wrote out my new year’s goals a week ago, but now that I’m typing them for the world to read I’m suddenly terrified of trying and failing. But I believe that expressing fears and goals is an awesome way to accomplish those goals and eliminate the fears. So here goes:

  • Book a TV commercial
  • Book a national broadway tour
  • Book more modeling work
  • Join a performing union

My biggest challenge this year will be breaking back into the Los Angeles acting scene. I have been working out of town for the last 14 months- only coming back to the city for a few weeks or days for gigs, auditions, and short breaks between contracts. At the request of my agent I’m spending less time on low-paying-out-of-town contracts and committing some time to commercial auditions and big contract theater auditions that happen in Los Angeles.

I know that to achieve these goals I need to level-up on my skills and add to my audition resources (ie reels, footage, songs, monologues). I’ve committed to these four goals for these first few weeks of the year.

  • Take an improv workshop at UCB or Groundlings
  • Record a voiceover reel to submit on breakdowns
  • Get back into dance class, including a new hip-hop class that my friends keep raving about
  • Travel to NYC (or wherever!) when there are big auditions for shows I’m perfect for

Ok Green Room community- let’s keep each other accountable. We are going to rock 2014!


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  1. January 20, 2014 9:39 pm

    Booking a Broadway show or tour is a huge goal of mine too, but I felt it was just too broad and general. Saying I resolve to book a Broadway show in 2014 sounded more like a wish to me than a resolution. So I decided to break it down. What do I need to do each month to make that goal a reality? Voice lessons, dance classes, audition prep, etc. Makes my goal feel much more grounded.

    Best of luck in 2014! Broadway here we come 🙂

    • California Triple-Threat permalink
      January 26, 2014 2:23 pm

      I love your breakdown! That’s how I’m approaching this year as well. See you on the great white way! 🙂

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