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Top 5 Tips for Applying to Theatre School

October 4, 2013

I’m a person who likes to know as much information as possible before trying something new. Applying to drama school was nothing different, however all I could find was information for performance students, not for technical theatre applicants. So here’s my personal tips from my own experience;

1. Explore all options and keep them all open
I applied to 2 drama schools and 3 universities courses as well as keeping an eye out for jobs. Every option offers different advantages and disadvantages, which will have a post of its own. If you close off one option you may regret it later in life. Keeping them all open will give you more time to think about what is best for you.

2. Have confidence in yourself (or find someone who does!)
This is difficult for some especially when applying for something that seems so difficult and far away. I almost didn’t apply to the drama schools as I thought I wouldn’t get in, however my tutor had the confidence in me and encouraged me. If you believe you can do it, there’s a higher chance you will!

3. Go with your gut instinct
Some hate going with their gut instinct however I think it’s the best judge of character. Instinct is a great for telling you whether you’ll feel comfortable in the facilities, with the teachers and with the course. It’s generally better to attend somewhere which feels right rather than just going for the place with the best reputation and higher educational needs; it may not be best for you and that’s the most important.

4. Listen to your interviewers
Even in the places I’m not going to I still learnt a lot from my interviewers, especially the ones at Rose Bruford. If you listen carefully they may give tips on how to develop your career, where they can see you going, how to improve for future interviews etc. At Rose Bruford I got told to aim for the West End if that’s where I wanted to be and how Psychology links to Stage Management (it was a very odd conversation!) So even if you don’t get taught by them, never stop listening and learning.

5. Don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t happen first time
This is a tip on most performance students tips however its true here as well. I was lucky enough to get in first time but if you don’t you can always apply again next year and within that time improve your application/interview skills, gain more practical experience or attend another college course. If that’s your dream, never settle for anything less without a fight!

So there you go my top 5 tips for applying to university. If you have any personal tips please comment below. Also if you have any more questions about my experience, please feel free to ask.

Lastly good luck to anyone applying for university, I hope everything goes well for you and maybe next year you’ll be in my position!

Heather Sig

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