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I’m getting all sentimental

September 25, 2013

I’m only a couple of days away from moving out of Cheshire and starting a new life in Kent, which has led to saying goodbye to various groups of people who have got me where I am today. Its set me off thinking about what I would have done without them and what I want to say to the ones I can’t see.

A few weeks ago I completed my final show with Vale Royal Juniors who I have been with since I was 13; first as a performer and then as a rehearsal assistant and stage crew. Now if they hadn’t given me the opportunity to stage crew Oliver 3 years ago, I would not have found a love for working backstage, wouldn’t have worked on panto and wouldn’t have done my most recent college course; which basically means I owe them everything. They even helped develop my confidence, leadership skills amongst other things.

On Monday I had to say goodbye to the senior group, who I have only been friends with for a couple of years however I owe them the opportunity to perform in the most amazing show; Bad Girls the Musical. Now I know it’s not the most famous musical ever, it never even touched the USA but we had an absolute blast rehearsing and performing it and I don’t think anything will ever live up to it. I love absolutely everyone who was in it and have some of my most awesome memories from that time period.

Tuesday, I went back into my old college to give advice to the new class of technicians and obviously say goodbye to the tutors. I’ve only realised since I left that I actually had a brilliant time at college and will miss them all a lot. I owe my tutor Denise everything; she advised me to apply to drama schools because university wouldn’t have been given me enough. And now I’m off to her old drama school, thanks to the confidence and encouragement she gave me. Also owe a lot to Paul, the director I was Deputy Stage Manager for in June, as he worked me hard and gave me the most amazing opportunity to perform the role in an educational environment. He said I did more than I had to but it was a pleasure to work with such a dedicated director. These are only a couple of people; there’s plenty more who influenced and encouraged me to do my best and look where it’s led!

And finally Chris, my theatre studies teacher from my old college. If he hadn’t worked me hard in my second year then I wouldn’t have achieved a B which got me an unconditional offer from Rose Bruford.

Of course there are a lot of other people I should thank like friends and family, but these people have specifically helped me achieve what I have achieved in education, and are the people I’m least likely to see over the next 3 years. And I’m sure there’ll be a post about the rest some other day!

So now I’ve been all sentimental and probably bored you all, I’m going to finish packing!  Next time you hear from me, I’ll be in sunny Kent, starting the next step in my life!

Heather Sig

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