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I Stiiiiiill Got It…

September 9, 2013

A thousand apologies for being away so long! I got a new toy this summer so I have been slacking on the whole social media spectrum since most rivers and lakes around here don’t have wi-fi hookups for kayakers. I am going to do better, I swear. So many fun things to talk about!

So last night I took a “Broadway Dance Class” with a friend of mine in a city near by. I wanted to take this class last year, but scheduling would not allow so I was really excited, plus, my friend just returned from a Box Office internship far, far away so I was even more excited to make dancing fools of ourselves together. Now I have not taken a LEGIT dance class in about a year and a half, and even still, that was just a 3 hour workshop style.

THIS WAS FREAKING HARD! I literally forgot that my body could move in some of the ways that it did. I have never sweat more than I did in that room in my entire life. And after a 10 year hiatus from a formal ballet warm-up, I pliéd like a boss. Now my goals for this class are similar to the instructor’s (Broadway and National Tour Veteran). I want to get better at receiving choreography and then performing it, not just “getting through it.” I just need to be able to absorb what the choreographer is throwing at me and be able to make an acting choice not just struggle to remember.

I am going into an insane rehearsal schedule for a Regional production of Les Miserables (YAY!!!), so I may be absent from a class or two, but my friend (who is also in the ensemble with me) and I will be rehearsing the original “Juggernaut” choreography from “The Wild Party” backstage while the boys all fight and die for France.

On to the barricade! I am SURE my weekend of full vocal rehearsal will bring some interesting stories and experiences. I, for one, have a double-date with my steamer and NetiPot like every night this week because I am SOOOO not vocally ready to tackle this score. (Hmmm potential post idea there…)

Until next time!



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