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Touring Your Show (in the UK)

August 8, 2013

After considering going the Fringe route for one of my projects, I decided that was not the best course of action at this point in the project. It’s an awful lot of cash upfront for very little guarantee of any return on that investment. (Beyond the cool factor of just having done it.)

However, I did sign up to get updates and newsletters from the folks running the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Today I clicked through to their Storify page and read up on a great discussion about touring a show through the UK. I thought a lot of what they had to say was applicable to any touring question, regardless of whether you are looking at the UK or the US, or elsewhere.

Having done the touring thing a few times, I really appreciate their comments about building the show to tour from the outset. It is something that has been a big part of every step of Things We Say to Girls.

Out here in the hinterlands, I’ve enjoyed some great workshops offered by the Kentucky Arts Council. Be sure to check with your local arts agencies for advice and educational opportunities. Even if a workshop isn’t upcoming, you can always call up folks and take them out for coffee to pick their brains. Most people in this field, as competitive as it can be, are also really willing to help out folks looking to make their own way.

Have you toured, or are you looking to tour a project of your own? What are your biggest challenges? Best tips?


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