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Actor-Producer Chronicles: Halfway Through Rehearsals!

July 9, 2013

You guys, it’s hard to believe, but we are officially halfway through rehearsals for The King’s Whore (not counting tech, which isn’t really for the actors, after all…)! We open in less than three weeks, and that’s counting our two preview performances.

It’s been a whirlwind, and a roller coaster ride, and the hardest thing I’ve ever done, no doubt about that.

There was the bliss of seeing everyone I’d brought together (with help, of course) on this project all gathered around tables on the first day of rehearsal. For the record, there are about 30 people involved with this project when you count actors, designers, designer assistants, interns, press and marketing peeps, and everyone in-between. I get a little overwhelmed when I think about it, but also really excited to think that all of these people thought this was a worthwhile project to get involved with.

Some days, after cramming in my day job and life stuff in the morning, rehearsing all day, and having a production meeting followed by a producers’ meeting, I’m so tired that I could cry. And do. And a couple of days have left me exhausted just from the actor work of trying to pull off a role of this magnitude and scope.

But the feeling that’s most pervasive for me in all of this is pride. I’m so excited to share this incredible production with everyone. The artists involved have such vision and talent that the project has grown to be even more edgy and fun and hip and exciting than I ever could have imagined when I was dreaming all of this up over a year ago.

I’m also incredibly grateful for the people who have come onboard and who are giving this project 110%, despite the fact that no one is getting paid what they deserve (myself definitely included…). It’s really humbling the caliber of the people who are involved, and I’m so thankful that each and every one of them said “yes.”

I hope to check in once or twice more before the show opens, but even just squeezing in the time to write this quick one was tricky, so forgive me if I don’t share all of the posts about this self-producing venture that I’d like to before the show closes. I definitely have some “how-to” and “tips” posts planned, but those won’t be coming until August when I get my life back 😉

For all of you New Yorkers (or those with an interest in traveling to see the show…so far 10 states are being represented in planned audience members!), here’s the website with show dates and a link to buy tickets:

We run July 26 – August 11 and Green Room Blog readers’ support would mean the world to me! If you do come, make sure to introduce yourself and say hi!


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  1. July 10, 2013 10:16 pm

    I love hearing that the biggest feeling you get is pride. That is a wonderful way to be experiencing the whole adventure. This is something no one can ever take away from you, & will definitely catapult your confidence levels as a producer & an actor. Bravo!!

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