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Flashback Friday: Addressing Tension

May 24, 2013

Flashing back today to one of our retired bloggers, The Idealistic Actor! You can still find her online, via her twitter account.

“Part of being a technically proficient singer and openly, expressive actor is learning how to release tension from the body. Tension gets in the way of the actor’s ability to use their instrument (their body) to express their inner thoughts and feelings. It hides the emotions behind a wall of muscle and, for singers, adversely affects the sound of the voice when tension builds up in the chest and jaw. Tension is something that most humans grapple with, and those that are sensitive and emotional (um, that’s me) are particularly prone to tension. In some cases, tension is good- it allows us sensitive types to co-exist in society without devolving into a blubbering mess.” More here…


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