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Flashback Friday: Sometimes No Means Yes

April 26, 2013

One of my favorite posts from The Underdog Actor. Enjoy!

“I hit a point within the last two years where I realized the power of “no.” Starting out, I think we actors need to do pretty much anything we can. We need to do student films, non-union, non-paying theatre and crazy performance art. We need to make connections with new young filmmakers (even though most of them won’t pan out). We need to be on stage and learn about theater lingo, curtain times and not to touch props that aren’t ours. We need experience in a business where there really is no right way to do anything. We need to become “professionals.” So the question is, when are you a “professional?” Are you ever? What the heck does “professional” mean anyway? Is Charlie Sheen and his ridiculousness a professional actor? How about Jeremy Piven and his sushi “allergy?” Is Lindsey Lohan a pro because she gets paid to, uh what does she get paid for nowadays exactly anyway?” Keep reading…


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