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Link, Like, Follow, Pin, Plus

April 15, 2013

Paul Russell recently posted about why using real, paper copies, sent through the mail is still an important part of earning work as an actor. Don’t rely on email alone, he insists, because spam catchers are sometimes tough to break through, even with the best of intentions.

After spending two days dusting off my website, online profiles, resume, etc., I endeavored to reach out to a former client from whom I had not heard in a while. My email to her was quickly kicked back as undeliverable. This was distressing; that client had been a really good source of income, and I had fancy new demos she needed to see.

Fortunately, in the beginning of our business relationship, I had connected with her on LinkedIn, so I was able to look up what she is currently doing. In fact, she has changed companies and is now working in the same field for a new company. That means I may get to add another client to my roster, fingers crossed. I was also able to look through the employees with her former employer on LinkedIn to find the new contact at the old client.

The people you need to contact at some firms do not have names or contact info for individual employees on the company website, and it is tough to get past the receptionist when you don’t have a name to hang your hat on. Being sure to connect with your colleagues and clients on social media is an important part of staying solvent in any business, but this one in particular.

I encourage people to get involved on as many social media fronts as they can manage and engage in meaningful ways. You never know when those connections will yield work.ClaraHarris.EnterprisingActor.Signature

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