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Flashback Friday: Behind the Table

April 12, 2013

Today’s Flashback Friday is about the do’s and don’t’s of auditioning. Brought to us thanks to The British Dancer!

“Imagine you attended an EPA in the city. Regardless of how well your personal audition went, is there not some part of you that wishes you could have seen what everyone else did in the room? Do we not ponder over whether we should have introduced our song, whether we could have chosen a better outfit, spent longer with the accompanist or stood closer to the table?

I always jump at the opportunity to sit behind the casting table, whether it be as a legitimate casting associate or just as company for the artistic director. There is so much you can learn from watching what is essentially, the competition….both good and bad! As auditionees, we plan our whole day/ week around preparing, traveling and waiting for audition slots and yet we have such a short amount of time to make an impression in the room.” Click here for the Do’s and Don’t’s!


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