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Flashback Friday: Microphone Mishaps

March 8, 2013

Because of a recent “oops!” moment in my current show, I was relieved to read about these mic mistakes that The Practical Artist had to deal with. And no, you don’t get to hear about what I did! Although if anyone ever writes an anonymous Green Room Blog about microphones you can assume it was probably me…

“Okay, imagine this scenario: you’re doing a musical.

This means a lot of different things to a lot of different people.  Audio Engineers will think “dear god, how many mics?”; Actors either “I didn’t even audition, I can’t sing/dance!” or “I belted my heart out and that damned audience better appreciate it!”; Lighting Designers: “well, that adds about 70 more cues…”; set designers “will the dancing ruin my set?”; Directors “I hope I get along with the choreographer!”; Choreographers: “I hope I get along with the director!”; and Stage Managers “Please, Dionysus, do not let anything go wrong with the mics!”

But, inevitably, there is a time in almost every musical I’ve heard of that something goes wrong with the mics…” Click here to keep reading!


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