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Green Room Bloggers Ornament Exchange 2012!

December 31, 2012

This year, the Green Room Bloggers participated in an ornament exchange much like last year, but the instructions were a little different: make an ornament commemorating your pick’s favorite project from 2012.

Check out everyone’s awesome creativity!

The Growing Artist —> The Redheaded Actress

"The Crucible"

“The Crucible”


The California Triple-Threat —> The Passionate Performer

"Super Knocked Up"

“Super Knocked Up”


The Practical Artist —> The California Triple-Threat

"The Music Man"

“The Music Man”


The Passionate Performer —> The Growing Artist

"Paul's Day in the Park"

“Paul’s Day in the Park”


The British Dancer —> The Political Theatre Maker

"Lady Macbeth"

“Lady Macbeth”


The Political Theatre Maker —> The Granted Actor

"Call of the Tapir"

“Call of the Tapir”


The Granted Actor —> The British Dancer

"Scrooge" at Fireside Theatre

“Scrooge” at Fireside Theatre


The College Theatre Dork —> The Reflective Artist

"The Liar"

“The Liar”


The Redheaded Actress —> The Crazy Theatre Artist

"Letters to Kurt"

“Letters to Kurt”


Hope everyone had a lovely holiday season this year. Here’s to another year of creativity, friendship, and community here at the Green Room Blog!

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