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Anonymous Showbiz Confessions Post #4

November 23, 2012

All of this week’s posts are written by my fellow Green Room Bloggers (not myself…or are they?), but I have published them all under my username to protect their identities. Hope you enjoy their confessions!

Pride in Type

I see a lot of “chorus girl” types day in and day out. You know the type: girls that can somehow rock the show makeup without looking like a hooker, six pack abs, legs that go on for miles… They line up at 5am to sign up for that leading lady role, can do a dance call combination without breaking a sweat, and are about 8-feet tall. Don’t get me wrong! It’s not all of them, some of my best friends and favorite cast mates fall into this type, and each and everyone of them worked hard to be where they are.

While I respect and appreciate their talent, I do not envy them. I am a character actor. That means for now I can settle for the younger roles, the alto lines, the best friend, or the comedic relief and take the back seat to the leading ladies. But in 7 – 10 years, watch out. It will be my time. There are so many big roles to be had!

Some of my favorites include but are most definitely not limited to: Madame Thenardier, Tracy Turnblad, Dolly Levi, Mrs. Lovett’s, Mrs. Potts, The Witch, The Fairy Godmother, and the list goes on and on. It gives me hope for the future of my career as an actor and pride in my type.

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