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Listen to the Money

November 1, 2012

7 Years ago I went out on the streets with an orange shirt and some white face paint. I began my busking career without intending to. I was only doing it for fun, something I had thought about trying and this August day seemed like a good one to try. I made $6 that day, over about 3 hours of “miming.” I use the quotes for many reasons, but mostly cause I still don’t know that I am necessarily the definition of a mime, but it is the easiest thing for people to call me. But this blog is not about the art, the craft, the risk I took, it’s about the money….sort of.

I had a teacher, (who has since passed), whom I would love to say encouraged me to try my hand at busking, but he discouraged me in fact. He said “You’re not ready, it’s tough out there.” This held me back a year from doing it, but I finally got the balls and did, and I made some money. At first it was very little. It took a while before it became enough to actually live on and even when it did (and still now) I always doubt that it is, but the point of this blog is, the money came. The money started small, but then there were a few years when it was big, there is a commercial I booked as a silver guy which has made me a few thousand for three hours of work and every now and then up pops a party where I can make a few easy hundred. In fact, I have done this so long, it has become almost expected, which sucks in a way, but like any survival job, it gets old if you’re not doing what you want to be right? But this blog post is not about me being tired of my job, it’s about the money…sort of.

I’ve been responding to many craigslist ads in the writing/editing jobs and writing gigs section. Why? Because I need money, and because I love to write. I have, in the last four weeks, gotten 4 different paid writing jobs. Now none of them are going to make me rich and some are ridiculous in their nature (one I write comments about popular current events that people would write on youtube or a yahoo chat room). But the point isn’t what the job is per se, but that I am getting paid to write. One of them is a pretty legit gig where I am writing the script for a live new show about bourbon and one I am getting paid to write funny blog columns out of my own mind. But this blog is not about what I am doing, it is about the money….sort of.

Though little the money may be, there is some going into my paypal account in exchange for my words. I can only hope in 7 years, I feel the way about the beginning of  my professional writing career as I do today about my busking career, cause that would mean I made a living for 7 years (mostly) as a writer, I hope I am prouder and more excited about that one however. I still act, and of course I still busk, but this tool, the one I am sharpening right this second, I am hoping to promote to the front of my belt. Let’s see how that goes.

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  1. November 1, 2012 12:51 pm

    Good luck with this! I believe, too, that the money will come. Keep it at it; if you love it you can do it. Will you still be busking?


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