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Top 25 Showbiz Tweeps to Follow on Twitter

July 25, 2012

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Twitter has been such an invaluable tool in building my career and my community of like-minded creative people in this biz. I won’t get too technical about the best ways to utilize twitter, because Jen Ponton has already done it beautifully here on the blog, but I figured it might be helpful to share my crème de la crème of tweeps to follow.If you’re totally new to twitter and know nothing except to follow the people on this list, you’re already seriously on your way to cracking the code. So without further adieu, here they are!

Fellow Actors:

  • @garyploski
  • @erincronican
  • @DominiqueJ
  • @JenPonton
  • @Jewel_Elizabeth
  • @girlactor
  • @jenniferweedonp
  • @beeingmissstar (Me! Shameless plug!)

Casting Directors / Agents:

  • @michaelcassara
  • @marciliroff
  • @bonniegillespie
  • @laurierecords
  • @duncanstewart1
  • @wonderfulcow
  • @chaimmagnum
  • @diaryofanagent
  • @zacharydurand

Showbiz Info:

  • @GreenRoomBlog — of course! 😉
  • @selfmgmt4actors
  • @newyorktheater
  • @auditionupdate
  • @dallastravers

Other Awesome Tweeps:

  • @artnsoulacting
  • @kendavenport
  • @Actor_Problems

Check ’em out! I follow over 400 people on twitter, and these 25 are my absolute favorites, so you know they’re worth it. Each of them has something different to offer, whether it be their ability to bring people together, their industry insight, their humor about this crazy biz, or even just their staunch optimism in the face of it all. But believe me, there are so many more amazing tweeps to follow, you’re truly missing out if you’re not on twitter!

Who are your must-follows?

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