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Hello! My name is “Impatient.”

September 2, 2011
It’s pretty dead right now in the audition circuit. But thankfully, the auditions I’ve gotten recently have been for great projects! Jason Robert Brown and Stephen Sondheim musicals? Okay!
My one audition this week was for a show that I’ve performed snippets of in school showcases, and would LOVE to perform on a professional stage. I wore my favorite dress, and curled my hair to resemble the part I wanted.
In auditions, there is a fine balance of contagious performance and also attractiveness of personality. There shouldn’t be a complete switch from you talking to you singing, but also, your radiance while you are in the room should never feel fake! Sometimes I let my nerves take over, but this week I had great chemistry with the artistic team, and felt such a fantastic vibe in the room! yay!
Now came the waiting game…..
Also known as “Hi, I’m an obsessive email-checker.”
Also known as “Why haven’t they called?”
Yesterday I told myself I was done waiting, convinced I wasn’t the right type or that I had too many conflicts with the rehearsal schedule. And isn’t it funny when you stop waiting for something, that it finally comes?
Yes, I got the callback, and I’m thrilled and excited to go perform again for this artistic team! Bring it, callback!
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