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Joy, minus the enthusiasm?

August 22, 2011

Recently, I took a trip to Disneyland with a few girlfriends. As a joke, one of the girls would say in a sad voice and blank face, “best day ever….”. The joke continued throughout the day, with variations like “this is my favorite ride…..” or “I love disneyland…”. The humor in it was that it really DID feel like a “best day ever” and we DID really love the rides and the park. While the tone and emotion was all wrong, the words were true and expressed the excitement we felt but didn’t show, for the sake of a laugh.

This got me thinking about hidden meanings in the way I speak a character’s words. There is true discovery and joy to me as an actor when I figure out why my character says things, or what the real meaning is that she is trying to show or even hide with her words. (Does this joy make me a little bit of a theater nerd? Oh well, I think I’m in good company!) Also, am I being truthful in the way I speak for my character? Or am I adding too much of my own world view into my character and not letting her be the person the playwright intended?

But seriously guys, The Green Room Blog is the

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  1. The Restless Dramaturg permalink
    August 22, 2011 9:53 am

    Excellent thought! I also love to find the hidden meanings in the words spoken by characters. I find that the most interesting productions are those that explore and extrapolate those subtexts. By doing so, occasionally the piece will have an entirely different flow and sometimes a newly discovered ending. As a side note, my favorites are the sexual subtexts of ancient works… always played, never spoken.

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