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Representation? (part 1)

May 12, 2011

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a talent agency AND a talent manager, after performing in a city-wide audition sponsored by a local union I’m a part of. I was thrilled, excited and scared! The next week I went in to meet the agent…. And here’s what happened….

9:30am. Parking downtown… Always fun. There are too many buildings! I can’t tell from my GPS where I’m supposed to go. 9:45. I think I found the building, now for coins for the parking meter. Um, I only have enough coins for an hour and fifteen minutes, and here comes the parking citation officer down the street… This could be bad! I quickly fill the meter and start scouting for the building number.

9:47. Find the building, buzz myself in, wander towered what I hope is the right elevator… Find the agent’s office. Breathe, Hannah, BREATHE!

9:50. I’m afraid to be too early for my 10am meeting. She must be super busy! Guess I’ll sit in the lobby, out of her sight, and try to be busy on my phone. 9:59. Take a big breath and knock on her door. She waves me in, motions for me to sit down. I nervously dump my purse and jacket on the floor. My chair squeaks whenever I even slightly move. Am I wearing enough makeup? Is my wardrobe the right choice? Do I look happy, engaging, pleasant, and confident? Or do I look as nervous and inexperienced as I feel?

10:07. I’m still sitting and smiling as she types feverishly on her computer; I’m sure trying to submit clients for some last-minute audition.

10:12. Trying not to look at the clock or think about my ticking meter as she talks to the mailman. Did I mention I’m nervous?

10:17. She stops typing, starts talking, and walks me into her office. This is the part of the story where I tried to stop thinking about the clock, and for the most part, really enjoyed my visit with her! You know you’ve found the right agent when you don’t feel like a big dollar sign, and instead feel like a friend and fellow artist. I had done my research on her before our meeting, and found everything she said to be satisfactory and encouraging. She had a good idea of where she’d like to see my career in a few years, and it matched almost everything I saw in my 5 year plan as a performer. Awesome feeling. I love having assurance from an outside source, even an almost-stranger like her, that I was on track for where I need to be for my age, type, and training.

11:02. We finish up our meeting, I casually say I need to go check my parking meter, after we make plans for a follow-up meeting and potential contract signing.

11:07. I can breathe! Not only because I have a potential new agent, but because I have no parking ticket on my car!

Part two coming soon…..

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  1. May 12, 2011 6:53 pm

    I’m so glad your meeting went well!! I’m dying for Part 2! 🙂


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