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Giving it away for free…

March 3, 2011

In the hallowed words of the title character of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, “You’ve gotta give some a** to get some a**.”  For those of you who know me (or, if I may flatter myself, know of me), I am often in possession of comped or extremely discounted tickets for everything from Broadway to The Big Apple Circus to openings of art exhibits.  In fact, in this past year I have seen more professional theatre than I have in my 23 previous years combined.  So in the spirit of our forefather, for my inaugural blog post, I’m letting you in on How to Succeed in Getting Comped Without Really Trying!

Free Tickets

1. Internships:  The internships with the best and the most comps are administrative.  Press, general management, marketing, artistic director and producing offices are gold mines for papering and personal comps.

2. Become a Judge: If you are somehow connected to an off-off Broadway theatre company, suggest that they throw their hat into the Innovative Theatre Awards ring.  The IT Awards are judged by representatives from other companies in the running.  Each company picks a representative to be comped into shows and submit their critiques.  It’s a sweet gig and  I’m sure there are more out there if you put in the research.

3. Flyer: Get connected to the press or marketing offices of the shows you want to see and ask if they have flyering teams, the people who pass out show cards in Times Square.  The job is super flexible, you get some pocket change AND you get to see the show for free.

4. Take a class:  ESPA at Primary Stages definitely sets the bar for this method.  If you’re looking to take an acting, writing, or directing class, go with this school.  (Their teachers are all accomplished professionals and they let you pick your pay schedule.)  ESPA organizes comp tickets and blasts the offers to the students.  I’ve seen shows at Roundabout, Theater Row and more through them.

Discounted Tickets

1. Join Hiptix or TDF: Hiptix is free to join and you get discount ticket offers (as low as $10!) to Roundabout Theater’s shows.  TDF is $30 for a year and offers discount tickets (as low as $20) to Broadway, off-Broadway, music and dance performances.

2. Rush/Lottery/Standing Room: This is an oldie but a goodie that most of us know about but it’s worth throwing in for those who don’t.  The policy with each show is different (check them all out here!)  But all Broadway houses and major companies have one of the three.

Happy hunting, friends!

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  1. March 3, 2011 9:50 am

    The ratio of helpful information to theatre humor in this post is absolutely perfect 🙂

  2. March 4, 2011 5:21 pm

    You can also volunteer usher! RoundAbout Theatre Company and MTC have 2-4 volunteer ushers per show. Most off-off broadway theatre companies use volunteer ushers. You help people to their seats pre-show and get to see the production for free!

    Oh, also, if you follow or friend them on various social networking sites, most theatres will offer deals, discounts, or contests for tickets.

    I love free or cheap theatre!
    Great post!

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